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Google Adwords or SEO - part I

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Optimize your website for Google (SEO) or advertising using Google Adwards ? The first thing you need to know is that the two options are not exclusive one to another, they are actually complementary and can both be used in a successful marketing campaign on the internet . Each method has its advantages and disadvantages and deciding to use one over another should be done based on the expected results. How do these methods work? Google AdWords is an online advertising service offered by Google that allows you to display a link to your website when certain words (or keywords) are searched on Google or when they are present on one of the websites that is part of their marketing network. AdWords marketing campaigns can be run at local level, national or international. Optimizing your website (SEO) it's a set of actions that have as effect a better ranking of your website in search engines. By using SEO services, the website will be better indexed by the search engines and this usually results in naturally allowing the website to show up in searches on top of other websites that have the same activity or market. SEO Audit is a procedure used to obtain the characteristics of a website in order to give information about what your SEO campaign should look like. Who should use them? Google Adwords is addressed to companies that would like to have a result on a short term, as quickly as just hours after the Google Adword campaign is launched. Using Google Adwords will increase your website traffic for a short period of time or more precisely usually only for the period of time the campaign is run. Very often, once the Adword campaign stops, the web traffic will drop as well. Search Engine Optimisation for Google is addressed to companies that wish to have a lasting presence on Internet, and would like their investment to have an effect for a long period of time. A top ten Google ranking will bring great benefits for your business activity online and increase you brand image. As any good thing takes time, the SEO effects will be visible usually after a couple of weeks. Usually it is not a good idea to rush and do all the changes very quickly, because search engines will be able to detect the campaign and might slow the grow of a website in ranks. To be on the safe side, we usually say it takes up to two months for the effects to be visible, but it really depends on the search keys that are chosen to have the website optimized for and also it depends a lot on the competition present on the market. Optimizing your website for search engine indexing has the benefit that it offers lasting effects long after the campaign is stopped.

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